Too cantu for you baby Too cantu for you baby
Autobiography: Yellooww this is your gurl, faith im a total sweetheart behind the screen. seventeen birthday wishes dancing is my passion & hello kitty is my baby.

Cosmetic Tip; Coming Soon!
loves: hello kitty. the fosters. summer. fall. camping. sea food cheetah print. make-up. mac. my new phone. icecream. fries. graphic desinging. michael kors.
hates: irrelevant comments. facebook drama. bee's. spiders. bugs in general. bad edits. brats. rude/annoying anons. attention seekers. the smell of smoke. homework. scary movies. & skulls
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hermajestyjuicycouture: hey would you please check out my blog? :)

Sure will !

Answered: June/12/2013
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